​Iveco Fiat Group forms its collaborators with technical training

Highly skilled professionals prepare the training courses and teaching material, using both traditional methodologies (lectures and practical exercises regarding mechanical components and complete vehicles), and advanced multimedia systems (WEB training courses).

The pride of the Technical Training Unetversity is the Virtual Simulator which is present in all the Training centres, with dedicated stations that simulate on a computer all the stages of diagnostic and maintenance operations on Iveco vehicles, allowing the technician to work on parts of the vehicle as if he or she were operating autonomously on a real vehicle.

The range of courses delivered covers the entire vehicle with more than 60 options, from basic electronics to advanced diagnosis, from courses for “new” technicians down to those for specialists. The Technical Training Unetversity courses can also be designed to offer extremely flexible solutions that can be exploited by Iveco customers with their own workshops.

Iveco is also familiar with the different bodybuilders that equip its vehicles, and can propose specific courses to the after-sales Network in co-ordination with the bodybuilders.

Iveco draws on the vast range of Unetversity training courses to offer Customers the expertise of a global manufacturer, throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle.

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