​Three different types of Power Take-Off are available for your Iveco Trakker

​All Trakker models can be fitted with power take-offs with different ratio and performances in different positions within the vehicles driveline depending on the type of mission and bodywork.
The fitting includes.

Wiring in the cab and on the frame,

control on the dashboard for PTO selection,

electronic control unit,

an "expansion module" to program up to three PTO's.

Three different types of PTO are available which differ from one another on the basis of the mode of use (stationary or moving vehicle) and at the level of torque delivery:

Engine PTO: utilized in permanent mode, offers a high torque delivery capacity both on the stationary and moving vehicle;

Gearbox PTO (clutch dependant) : ideal primarily for stationary uses where mid/low torque is required;

Transfer box PTO: for use only when the vehicle is stationary where a high torque is required.

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