​The best project

The new partnership allows offer an excellent product which combines the IVECO and Cantoni experiences. The focus is on the technology and quality and Cantoni tipper quality is ensured by automated and controlled production process. In addition Cantoni built its plant near IVECO Madrid plant, optimizing logistic costs and time, reduced delivery times and had availability of ready to use vehicles. Thanks to this orientation we can present the right vehicle for every requirement.
-        Central compass stabilizing bar for added stability and safety during tipping
-        Steels and hydraulic components of European production
-        Reduced maintenance thanks to:
§  “Upside” mounted Cylinder to reduce accumulations of dust between the extensions
§  Bronze bushes on rear-gate hinge
§  Self-Lubricating Bushes on tilting fulcrum
§  Rear-gate mechanical unhooking by cam lever
-        Optimization of the overall stiffness frame tipper - frame Trakker
-        Structure designed for heavy off-road mission:
§  Elastic front brackets
§  Optimal weight distribution on the axles and lowered center of gravity for a better stability, maneuverability, braking.