​The gearbox of Iveco Stralis: low operating costs and high comfort

​Stralis offers all of the technological excellence of the EuroTronic automated gearbox which is controlled by three mode buttons mounted on the dash, with gear changes via the right hand steering column stalk.

The advantages are significant: a weight reduction of between 50 - 60 kg compared to the manual gearbox, reduced dimensions and fewer pneumatic and electrical connections.
The absence of synchronizers makes gear shifting quicker and more precise: the system avoids incorrect gear selection and protects the engine from over-revving.
The EuroTronic gearbox can be utilised in full or semi automatic mode. The automatic gear shift is calculated on the basis of load conditions, road conditions and the driving style: vehicle performance, fuel consumption and comfort are thereby optimized. For low speed manoeuvring there is a dedicated mode which gives greater control over the vehicle drive line (forward and reverse gears) when required i.e. reversing into loading bays, coupling trailers, demounting and mounting bodies manoeuvring in confined spaces. This is achieved by electronically increasing the travel of the accelerator pedal by up to 70%. The clutch actuation is more sensitive and can be controlled by the driver via the accelerator pedal.