​Iveco Eurocargo 4x4: the best truck in the name of strength

​Eurocargo is also a key off-road player: the 4x4 driveline allows it to tackle the most difficult terrain and missions with surprising agility for a vehicle with a high load capacity.

The Eurocargo 4x4 features specific structural protection systems designed for the toughest off-road missions: the height of the frame, the steel bumper, the retractable access steps, specific radiator protection, the retractable rear underrun

protection and the metal headlamp protection grilles – which all differentiate it when compared to the 4x2 versions.

Eurocargo 4x4 is a vehicle which stands out not only for its qualities of robustness and reliability, but also for its excellent manoeuvrability and technical characteristics.

Eurocargo 4x4 is a four wheel drive high performance vehicle which can perform missions effortlessly, for example:

  • road building and civil construction,
  • off-road transport,
  • winter road maintenance duties,

maintenance of systems and power lines in off road areas,

civil protection and roadside emergency service. 

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