​Iveco Eurocargo 4x4: a glance to technical innovations for truck

​Thanks to the Tector Common Rail turbocharged engines with waste-gates, the Eurocargo boasts the lowest fuel consumption in its category. All Tector engines are available with Euro 3 emission level.

The Tector engine range offers low weight, requires less frequent maintenance and guarantees greater reliability. The performance of Tector engines is at the absolute top of it’s class, thanks to characteristics of excellence such as:

the best torque to displacement ratio;

greater flexibility - the maximum torque is available at low rpm (max torque as low as 1.250 rpm) and is constant over a wide rev range. This guarantees smooth running, fewer gear changes and greater efficiency;

reduced operating costs, with intervals between oil changes of up to 80.000 km for engine oil and 300.000 km for transmission oil;

quiet running, which is highly acceptable for vehicles in urban environments.

The transmission is combined with "pull type" clutches and with electronically activated power take-offs (max torque 415 Nm) available as an option.

On Eurocargo engines an exhaust brake is standard, with a butterfly valve in the exhaust manifold. This valve creates exhaust gas back-pressure which will slow down the engine revolutions and increase braking power.
The use of the exhaust brake with butterfly valve reduces the use of the service brakes and therefore reduces brake wear.
The mode of operation (on application of the footbrake or when releasing the accelerator pedal) can be selected by the driver

Permanent four wheel drive is achieved by the transfer box, which is designed to distribute torque to both the steering and drive axles. Also, the driver can select a fast or slow ratio based on the vehicle's operating conditions (on / off road). All differentials (front, centre and rear) are equipped with manually activated diff locks as standard equipment to guarantee traction even in particularly difficult and slippery conditions. The Eurocargo 4x4 is equipped with a double reduction steering axle and is available in twin and single wheel configurations.

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