​Iveco Eurocargo 4x4 is a truck designed with all type of comforts

​Eurocargo offers a wide choice of cabs, characterised by easy accessibility (1 or 2 steps depending on the version) illuminated with spot lights.

Anyone who climbs into the cab wants to have everything under control and wants to feel that the vehicle was designed for his or her needs. In order to improve functionality in urban missions, the Eurocargo adopts solutions which make crosscab access easier:

Dash mounted gearbox lever,

low engine tunnel

and a conveniently positioned park brake control.

The driving area is ergonomically designed: 470 mm steering wheel, adjustable steering column, central instrument cluster and central module.

The ergonomic driving position also permits easy access to accessory controls.

The dashboard places everything within easy reach of the driver, who never has to take his attention off the road.

The optional air conditioning/heating system makes it possible to achieve the desired temperature in just a few seconds as well as optimum air distribution.

The quality of finish and materials give the Eurocargo cab a touch of elegant functionality, and the excellent soundproofing makes it an ideal work environment.

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