The new Daily Minibus offers all the advantages of the New Daily: new architecture, new longer wheelbases, new exterior and interior design with driving position with ergonomic dashboard.
Daily Minibus meets all the passenger transport needs thank to its different ranges:
- DAILY TOURYS (touristic)
- DAILY LINE (Intercity)
- DAILY CITYS (urban)
all of them at the top of their class for comfort efficiency and versatility.
Passengers comfort has assured by the new modern equipment, designed to do nice comfortable even long-distance journeys with improved air conditioning system and air diffusion and the fitment of air suspension.
The new Daily Minibus is equipped with a new generation radio which includes modern infotainment systems as well as Bluetooth® phone navigation system (IVECONNECT).
The ecological engines, diesel Euro VI and CNG guarantee reliability, excellent performance and running cost reduction.
The different customizations options are able to satisfy all the passenger’s and services requests. Solutions with double or single glazing and different types of electric sliding doors can be chosen.
The new top of the range 6.1 t version can seat up to 22 passengers, in addition to the driver and one jump seat.
This is the best on the market for a standard vehicle in this class.
The new wheelbase of 4100 mm provides 30% increase luggage space than previous version (up to 2.5 m cubic luggage lowered).

Technical Sheet

Technical data sheet