The new DAILY is now even easier and more intuitive to drive, even for car license holders used to driving a car.
The new architecture with longer wheelbases and reduced rear overhang enhances the balance and drivability of the DAILY van without detracting from its extraordinary agility in confined spaces.
The new QUAD-LEAF front suspension improves handling, comfort and dynamic response, ensuring maximum stability even in the event of sudden swerves with a full load. Standard on all 3.5 ton single wheels  models, the new suspension uses a quadrilateral system with double swing arm and leaf spring, and has been completely redesigned with specific angles calculated to improve kinematic behavior. A number of key components – such as the cross member incorporating the engine mount – have been redesigned to increase rigidity and reduce overall mass.
The QUAD-LEAF suspension ensures excellent vehicle control, top strength and high performance (1900 kg standard max load).
 For particularly severe applications, the QUAD-TOR suspension (standard on all cab and vans twin wheels from  3.5 t), with torsion bars instead of the leaf spring and an axle weight rating of 2500 kg (2100 kg for versions up to 5 t)

Technical Sheet

Technical data sheet