Press release

Atlas V.I., Iveco dealer in Morocco, opens a new branch in Meknès
On the 7th May a brand new branch of Atlas Véhicules Industriels, exclusive Iveco dealer in Morocco, has been officially opened in Meknès. The ceremony has been attended by the representatives of Madhloum’s family, owner of the dealership: Mr. Haider Madhloum, CEO, and Mr. Abdelamir Madhloum, Commercial Director.
The new premises of Atlas V.I. in Meknès, a structure of 4,000 square meters in the central region of Morocco, is a further step in expanding the network of Iveco, which aims to entirely cover the region and get closer to its customers, providing new points of sale and services. The new structure ensures its presence in one of the most interesting region from an economic and logistic point of view, and is on the road from east to Fes and Taz, from south to Azrou and Rissami, and from west to Sidi Kacem, Khemisset and Rabat.
In addition to Meknès, Atlas V.I. is present with its headquarters in Casablanca, in the center of the Atlantic coast, characterized by a modern structure built with advanced criteria. Executive and commercial offices, workshop, shop and factory production are based here. The second branch is in Tangier, located just in  north of the country, with a seat for the sales and after-sales service, equipped with modern diagnostic tools for on-site assistance and quick truck-troubleshooting.
As part of its network expansion project, Atlas planning plans to open a new branch in Agadir on the coast south of the country, as well as agents in Marrakech and Oujda.