Press release

IVECO launches international co-marketing brand-awareness campaign with AST Europa in Tunisia

Following the delivery of 4X2 IVECO S-Way through Le Moteur Diesel, one of the three official Tunisian dealers, IVECO has launched a co-marketing brand-awareness campaign with the international logistics company AST Europa, a specialist in long-haul food transport.

Tunis, 8th January 2024

IVECO is set to launch its Canvas Promotion Campaign in Tunisia, spreading visibility of the company and increasing brand awareness with interactive promotions that directly engage the end customer, having already run the same campaign in many European countries.

The campaign involves the creation of a semitrailer curtain with both IVECO and AST Europa’s logos, promoting the two businesses using a rolling billboard a long-lasting form of advertisement. This co-marketing activity has been successfully carried on in strict collaboration with the customer and will ensure international coverage thanks to the client’s logistics services operating between Tunisia and Italy.

Following on from the introduction of the new IVECO Way range in 2022 in Tunisia, the campaign is a great opportunity to promote the IVECO brand in the market and bears witness to the trust that an important customer such as AST Europa places in the new IVECO S-Way.

Hichem MECHIM, IVECO Tunisia Area Manager, said: “I’m proud to have started this 2-year promotion campaign with AST Europa; I’m sure that this collaboration will increase brand awareness about our products on an international level and will consolidate the relationship with the client.

Adel Ben SAHBOUN, AST Europa Owner, commented: We are proud to be able to bring the IVECO brand into our daily activities and advertise our logos in cooperation. The new IVECO S-Way perfectly meets our requirements, providing a complete package of features suited to our needs, and this project is the perfect solution to make our trucks more attractive also for our end customers. We hope to be able to extend this promotional activity to the other vehicles in our fleet in the future.” 

IVECO S-Way: the driver-centric long-haul truck

IVECO S-Way is the new heavy-duty vehicle of the IVECO Way range, developed with a suite of features focused on the driver experience, on efficiency and business productivity. It increases its fuel efficiency, which was already among the best, with a new engine line-up and next-generation rear axle – advanced technologies tailored to the customers’ needs. It builds on the success this range has achieved since 2019 with its European launch and has proved extremely popular with drivers for its high levels of comfort. Customers appreciate the improvements in performance and in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that come with the high reliability of the new truck.

In the face of fierce competition, logistics operators need top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets. The new IVECO S-Way perfectly meets this requirement, providing a complete package of features without equal, developed with a focus on driver-centricity. It is more than a product: it offers a business model that covers the vehicle’s entire life cycle and helps IVECO’s customers to meet their own customers’ requirements.

Designed to maximise fuel efficiency and driver safety

In redesigning the cab from the ground up, IVECO has taken every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains to the benefit of the owner’s profitability. All the elements of the new design work together to achieve a superior aerodynamic performance and deliver fuel savings up to 4% on top of the outstanding fuel efficiency that is the hallmark of this product family.

The IVECO S-Way has been developed with a strong focus on the driver, and the new cab has been redesigned and reinforced to ensure high levels of passive safety, with mechanical resistance compliant with ECE R29.03 cab crash standards.
The new design also provides much
improved direct visibility for the driver with the one-piece side windows and rear- view mirrors. The IVECO S-Way also offers full LED lights, which have a much sharper beam that carries further, improving visibility and obstacle perception by 15%, further enhancing safety in low-light conditions. In addition, the IVECO S-Way features a complete array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to help the driver operate the vehicle efficiently and safely while reducing fatigue on the road. The cab also addresses security when the vehicle is parked with the new design of the door which now extends all the way down, leaving only the bottom step exposed, and includes an additional mechanical door lock inside the cab. ​