Press release

IVECO and Italcar support Tunisian women on breast cancer prevention with a dedicated equipped Eurocargo

The local Tunisian dealer Italcar provided an Eurocargo to give support to women on breast cancer prevention with a tour which travelled throughout Tunisia.

Tunisi,17th April 2024

IVECO and Italcar supplied to the Nealopis pharmaceutical group and the Nourane association, working alongside the Ministry of Public Health, an Eurocargo fitted out with medical equipment performing mammograms to enable Tunisian women to benefit breast cancer prevention check-ups. Italcar played a pivotal role in coordinating and facilitating the project, spearheading it from conceptualization to execution and contributed with an Eurocargo truck without any margin, as a supportive gesture.

The local Tunisian IVECO dealer collaborated with medical experts for validation and oversaw the 3D conception with the engineers. Italcar then liaised with their trusted bodywork specialists to deliver a fully equipped "Mammolife" Eurocargo truck, complete with high medical specifications. Beyond delivery, Italcar committed to providing after-sales support, ensuring the ongoing maintenance and service of the trucks throughout the country via IVECO Official network, thus guaranteeing continued operational effectiveness and service accessibility.

The Eurocargo model ML120E22 has been equipped with a cutting-edge scanner, a breast ultrasound machine and an area for clinical examinations.
This vehicle travelled throughout Tunisia,
bringing medical care closer to women in the country's inland regions and providing them the chance to detect breast cancer early, without having to go through the hassle of arranging their own transport.

We are pleased to share some results about the Eurocargo "Mammolife Mobile" program that started its tour on October 2023. Here are some successfully results of the outings carried out so far in different Tunisian areas. 

Melloula and Tabarka, governorate of Jendouba (3 days tour):

  • 281 women examined
  • 129 breast images performed
  • 8 suspected cases including 2 cancers, all treated
  • Hassi El Frid, governorate of Kasserine (1 day tour):
  • 86 women examined
  • 48 breast images performed
  • 3 suspected cases including 1 cancer, currently being treated

Next Eurocargo "Mammolife Mobile" tour is scheduled on April 26
th and 27th in Ben Guerdane and Tataouin.

Kais Krima, Italcar Managing Director commented: The Mammolife truck carries the promise of a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer in Tunisia. The Mammolife truck embodies the Nourane association's commitment to making breast cancer screening more accessible, to saving lives through early detection and to raising awareness among the population of the importance of prevention. This is a project that has a positive and lasting impact on women's health in Tunisia and will help reduce the burden of breast cancer in our country.

Mechim Hichem, IVECO Tunisia Sales Manager, added: “We are pleased to support the Nourane association through the implementation of the Mammolife truck. Reaching more and more women thanks to a mobile breast cancer screening point, will allow more earlier diagnosis and help save more lifes.

Italcar was established in 2008 and is one of the historic distributors of IVECO vehicles in Tunisia. It relies on its own direct sales force for its retail and after-sales service operations, which are based at the service centres in El Khadra and Megrine, Tunis. Italcar is also supported by an extensive network of sub-dealers which covers the whole of Tunisia, offering the same sales and service expertise close to customers.

Eurocargo the multi-mission truck

Eurocargo is a champion of reliability and flexibility, a trailblazer in its class. In today's constantly evolving and increasingly competitive market, versatility is everything. More attractive, versatile, efficient, and maneuverable than ever: Eurocargo boasts a new design and functionalities while maintaining and improving the essentials that have made it the reliable, robust and versatile vehicle.

Robust, reliable and versatile the Eurocargo range is the most comprehensive in its class. With 7 gross vehicle weight variants, 4 power ratings, 7 gearboxes and 3 cab types, Eurocargo is available in over 11,000 variations, to meet your every need, however specific it is.

The bumper is designed to provide a step to easily access the windscreen for cleaning. The headlamp cluster is also available with LED Daytime Running Lights and Xenon headlights for added safety in night driving. Eurocargo logo and model number are clearly visible on the door.

Every detail has been developed to ensure excellent aerodynamics. The deflector, which has been reshaped to match the design of the front, guides the airflow clear off the door handles. The windscreen with integrated UV filter offers excellent protection without the negative aerodynamic impact of an exterior sun visor.

The perfect cab for every mission

In addition, Eurocargo offers three cab types with two roof heights to match every requirement.
The Day cab is ideal for daily work in major cities with the best body width/length balance.
The Sleeper cab is ideal for transport missions requiring overnight stays with a ​choice of standard height or high roof versions, designed to provide overnight accommodation, with one or two bunks. An additional storage (with a capacity of 260 litres) is available for bags or tools in two boxes with interior light and accessible from inside or out.
The Crew cab is ideal for construction and fire services, designed to transport a crew up to six passengers plus driver with tools and equipment.