New Eurocargo Euro VI: perfect in any situation



A champion of reliability and flexibility, a trail-blazer in its class.

The strength of its exclusive HI-eSCR technology, Eurocargo has set another benchmark by combining the highest levels of innovation, with first-rate performance and optimised fuel-efficiency. In today's constantly evolving and increasingly competitive market, versatility is everything.

The Eurocargo range is the most comprehensive in its class.

With 12 gross vehicle weight variants, 7 power ratings, 13 gearboxes, 15 wheelbases and 3 cab types, Eurocargo is available in over 11,000 variations, to meet your every need, however specific it is.

The new Tector 5 and 7 litre Euro VI engines with HI-eSCR technology, are designed for high efficiency, light weight and improved performance.

Equally suitable for town centres, combined-cycle driving and the most demanding of all long-haul work, they offer excellent performance with power ratings of up to 320 HP and torque of up to 1100 Nm.

Another new development, on top of the Hi-eSCR system, is the new Eurotronic 12-speed automated gearbox, which is also available for trailer versions.

Eurocargo's driving style puts safety and stability first, thanks to the new ESP fitted as standard on 11 to 19 tonne versions.

And the new Eurocargo Euro VI is even more adaptable to countless types of conversion, and even easier to maintain.


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