ECODaily the model in short

To meet the latest demands in urban and extra urban goods transport, Iveco presents the new ECODaily, a further step in the renovation of its range, with which it seeks to confirm itself as the ideal partner for all transport professionals.
Thanks to the experience gained in the field and continuous research, the light commercial vehicle in the Iveco range, a leader in Europe, meets the needs of competitiveness and innovation operators with cutting-edge solutions unique in its kind. The high technology is completely at the service of professionals who, as always, can test, in addition to the strength and toughness, not even the intelligence of a commercial vehicle. But not only with ECODaily from today the range is enriched with the new version also adds robustness to a more and more marked than for the environment. ECODAILY is a vehicle that expresses the maximum innovation and respect for the ecology, without sacrificing performance, resistance and reliability.

The Daily since its inception in 1978 received very positive reviews for its innovative design, where aesthetics and functionality were integrated in a careful stylistic balance. Even then, the Daily express his ability to be a great "container" to transfer goods or transporting people, but at the same time the vehicle was distinguished by a modern and original, the professional sphere, was pushed up to the emotional. From now on, the Daily has established itself as a great business partner with a great personality.
Today these features are even more pronounced. The Daily, designed and built taking into account the desires and changing mobility needs of the client, with a new design in the front, integrates the areas of new upper and lower grilles allowing immediate identification. Inside the cabin, born "for" and "around" the man, as an ideal place to live a comfortable ride and enjoy a well-being on board, a cozy combination of materials and color selection ensures a relaxed atmosphere for the driver and passengers.
So much for the style that is the "business card" with which to transmit the values ​​and philosophy. But the real strengths of this vehicle are others.
Daily has always been the model is considered a "champion of mobility". Merit of the rear-wheel drive and high-performance engines: in fact the first ensures the maximum thrust at the point of maximum load while the latter ensures torque and power to be always at the top of the category. The result? Unsurpassed grip and traction in all conditions of load, terrain and road surface. ECODaily keeps these winning characteristics which adds more ecology.
The wide range of engines Fiat Powertrain Technologies in fact ensures excellent performance and a full respect for the environment that is unmatched in the segment. A wide choice for customers with which Iveco has responded to the changing criteria for the approval of light commercial vehicles division into "light duty" and "heavy duty" resulting in different rules for emissions. ECODaily version is offered in light duty engines with 2.3 and 3.0 Diesel Common Rail generation and, in the more powerful engines, even with VGT (Variable Geometry Turbine).

The 2.3-liter engine has been further developed and now offers an output of 106 hp and 126 hp engine with exceptional torque of 270 Nm respectively and 290 Nm, which is in addition to the versions already available from 96 HP, 116 hp and 136 hp. Next to it, the 3.0-liter engine with a power of 146 bhp and 176 bhp power at an extraordinary elasticity.

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