The new Stralis Hi-Way: the main innovations in brief

The new Stralis adopts FPT Industrial Cursor engines, which guarantee low fuel consumption and excellent performance. Thanks to the high efficiency of the catalytic reduction system (SCR HI-eSCR), developed, patented and produced by FPT Industrial, the heavy Stralis is the only vehicle on the market to meet the Euro VI limits of the law, without the use EGR.

This unique solution has allowed Iveco to simplify the system of post-treatment of the gas and to use the same "body in white" of the existing cabin, since with the HI-eSCR the engine does not require any additional cooling system.

The system HI-eSCR offers customers Iveco numerous advantages, such as reduction of the weight, a lower fuel consumption and a longer life, thanks to a less complex technology, but efficient.

The car of the Stralis Hi-Way, renewed ergonomics and comfort, is the result of close collaboration with customers and dealers. The external restyling of the cab has focused mainly on improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle and therefore fuel efficiency. Externally, the new front end is characterized by the new central grid, for "wind deflectors" newly designed and optimized design of the bumper.

Serving as a cost-effective solution for all types of transport and all the activities and needs of fleet management, the new Stralis adds to the already wide range of offers the unique "Driving Style Evaluation"; IVECONNECT, the exclusive Iveco in a single device that integrates the services of infotainment, navigation, driver assistance, in addition to the function IVECONNECT FLEET which provides assistance for the management of small, medium and large fleets.

The Stralis Hi-Way uses the most advanced electronic systems, such as the EBS device with the function of Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning System, ESP, Adaptive Cruise Control, Daytime Running Lights, the new function Driver Attention and Support the Advanced Emergency Braking System.