The new Daily 4x4 in brief

After the great success of the new Daily, launched in May 2006, makes its official debut Daily 4x4. Indeed it is not reserved for the new product by customers who have recorded more than 105,000 orders in the first year of marketing.

The new Daily 4x4 and enhances the core values ​​of the Daily Professional DNA. Daily 4x4 is the result of collaboration between transport professionals and professionals who have designed this vehicle for success.

The new Daily 4x4 comes in two versions for total mass (3.5 t and 5.5 t) and step (short, 3050 mm and 3400 mm long). With the names of 35S18W and 55S18W new Daily is available with cab or double (the latter only in the long wheelbase version). The 3.5 t versions have a payload of 2250 kg and 2800 kg front axle rear axle, while the 5.5 t versions are designed for loads from 2450 kg front and 3700 kg at the rear.

The new Daily 4x4 inherits from its predecessor a success story and is designed to further improve the man / machine relationship, so important in commercial vehicles.

The market for professional 4x4
The new Daily 4x4 is placed in a niche market is very important. Commercial vehicles 4x4 in fact represent a market that has grown over the years, reflecting the importance of professional-wheel drive, with vehicles able to get anywhere, mainly used for special applications such as civil protection, utility companies and another.

Iveco's expertise in this segment covers the entire range of product - Daily, Eurocargo and Trakker - and covers every possible use of the vehicles even on the roughest terrain due to their extreme robustness that makes them capable of carrying personnel and equipment where more there is no need, often in emergency conditions, without compromising with regard to the driving comfort. An important aspect when you consider that driving off-road roads means dealing with difficult passages also challenging and stressful.

At the wheel of the Daily 4x4
The new Daily 4x4 looks the part. Its chassis ground giving the driver an excellent field of vision, a key advantage in situations where off-road can mean the total absence of road. The angle of attack of 51 °, the angle of the ramp up to 35 °, the angle of up to 42 ° and a wading depth of 700 mm confirm the new Daily is really the vehicle can get anywhere . Daily 4x4 is immediately recognizable by the style of the cabin, taken from the new Daily, from which it differs in the front bumper with integrated fog lights and low beam.

Typical of the new Daily is also the comfort in the cabin, as well as a double cabin can accommodate the driver and up to six passengers. The main controls, such as the dash mounted gear shift, a feature in common with the new Daily and controls the transfer box, are positioned ergonomically optimal. In the cabin there are numerous storage compartments. There are up to three DIN slots to house the radio, tachograph, if required, and other accessories such as a GPS navigation system. The seats of the driver and passengers can be customized to meet the requirements of customers, as in the case of suspension seats and heated.

Power up to the requirements
The most powerful engine of the new Daily range, the 3.0 liter HPT engine and 176 hp, allows to exploit the full potential of the new Daily 4x4. In addition, although an off-road vehicle, the vehicle offers outstanding environmental performance certified to the Euro IV emission levels, with standard equipment that includes a particulate filter. Thanks to the advanced common rail injection system, continuous regeneration of the filter is ensured even when the engine is not under load, such as when you use the PTO situation.

The motor is connected to the ZF 6S400 overdrive transmission and transfer case mounted remotely with a third differential to provide a permanent four wheel drive in all conditions, on and off road. When the "going gets tough", the third and the standard differential lock on the rear axle differential lock keep Daily 4x4 in motion. The front axle differential lock is available as an option. All differential locks can be engaged with the vehicle in motion and automatically disengage when the vehicle reaches a predetermined speed (varies according to the differential lock concerned).