​​​​Accessories - Stralis

​The NEW STRALIS represents state of the art innovation in the heavy truck category, offering a package of product and tailored features, focused on the productivity and profitability of real-life transport business.​

Now a real TCO2 CHAMPION, thanks to its low-consumption, low-emission and low-total cost of ownership performance, NEW STRALIS has undergone a complete driveline revamping, from engine to tires; it has developed a new electrical / electronic architecture; it has adopted a best-in-class new transmission, new rear axle and new rear suspension.

In line with the enhanced features of the vehicle, IVECO Accessories offers a new generation of accessories developed specifically for your NEW STRALIS to provide the most exciting conditions for your daily work and driving experience. Depending on your personality and to build your unique NEW STRALIS, you can choose to enhance your vehicle's style with a wide range of high-quality chromed details, or your visibility with special LED kits. Active and passive additional safety and security systems help you to better protect your NEW STRALIS and its load, while hi-tech accessories really bring the future on board. Last but not least, you can personalize the comfort of your NEW STRALIS with a comprehensive choice of accessories, designed to make your life on board as productive and comfortable as possible.


IVECO Accessories: an infinite choice of products. Details that make the difference.

Join the new generation. Drive like a champion.