​​​​​​​​​​​​Accessories -  New Daily



True to its natural instinct for anticipating your business needs, the New Daily has added to its record strength, versatility and performance, a host of new features that make it your new and skilled business assistant. 

New technologies, that help you to better manage and run your vehicle to enjoy a lower total cost of ownership. New Euro 6 engines, that are cleaner and much more efficient for sustainable transport. New levels of comfort for an absolute driving pleasure and the highest level of connectivity, fully integrating your mobile device with the vehicle. 

Thanks to IVECO Accessories, you can make your working and driving experience even more exciting and unique, through a full line of products designed around you. Depending on your personality and business, you can choose to enhance your vehicle’s versatility with a wide range of options, or its profitability with fuel-saving aerodynamic solutions. Active and passive additional safety systems help you to better protect your Daily, while hi-tech accessories really bring the future on board. The already high level of connectivity can be boosted by a series of devices, ranging from a next generation GPS locator to a full multimedia system. Last but not least, you can personalise the comfort of your New Daily with a comprehensive choice of accessories to make your life on board as pleasant as possible. 

Follow your instinct. Enjoy your business.​